Smart LCD Panels

Smart LCD Panels are available as rack-mounted with 16, 33 and 50 push-buttons, with an encoder to manage high level features and have configurable multi-color graphical LCD buttons.
Each button has the ability to act multiple functions from a single push, heavily increasing the operational flexibility of the system.
Smart LCD Panel configuration and design is handled directly in the Robit configuration software and the System integration is fully managed by the new Robit Virtual Layers & Global Status Management Controller.

Smart LCD Panels can also control routers directly with native protocols and are able to process simple router control logic as well as complex Macro commands.
Smart LCD panels are configured by the PC-based Robit software.
It is possible to run multiple Smart Panels in the same network.
Most common control protocols supported (e.g. Leitch, Pro-Bel, Utah, GV etc.).


Available models:

  • RLPB17   17 LCD buttons
  • RLPB16e 16 LCD buttons plus Encoder
  • RLPB34   34 LCD buttons
  • RLPB33e  33 LCD buttons plus Encoder
  • RLPB51   51 LCD buttons
  • RLPB50e  50 LCD buttons plus Encoder