Alarm Monitoring and Management

Trap Master is the solution for monitoring, logging and managing the complete state of the alarms on multi viewers, routers, changeovers and other video equipment, allowing you to manage and take charge of alarms and diagnostics generated, according within your pre-set parameters and system configuration, generating alarm only when an exception is noted.
Configuration, event reporting, taking charge and closing of individual events will speed up through an intuitive graphical user interface and within the same software management.
The system includes a timeout to prevent that the take on charge of an alarm will silence completely the software until a solution of the cause that generated the alarm is applied.
Trap Master offers companies the ability to quickly identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect critical processes of their business.
dynamic-playlistThrough a centralized view of the infrastructure monitoring, with an overview of the status of all the PIPs, it is possible to know the health of the organization of the whole network. Trap Master allows you to monitor network devices distributed across the organization and enables the detection and faster resolution of problems, as well as easily detect common faults such as content mismatch.

Time Table Play List

Fully integrated in Multi viewers Layout Time Table PlayList with time events and alarms.