CAN to Ethernet Gateway with GPS interface, GPI and GPO Analog and digital inputs and outputs for a real time telemetry data.
CAN to Ethernet devices are configured by the PC-based Robit software.
It is possible to stream real time telemetry data as well to integrate GPS into a real time map.





Senato della Repubblica automation
Senato della Repubblica

@Senato della Repubblica
New Automation for  Senato della Repubblica: Aula dell’Assemblea

  • Automation Software to control Vinten robotic cameras.
  • Switching Senator’s microphones.
  • Video Router & Switcher control.

Robit automation software controls Vinten robotic cameras and Video Router and Switcher synchronizing Senator’s microphones during Broadcast Live events.

The System:

  • Robit Automation SW
  • Vinten robotic Cameras
  • HD Video Router
  • Tricaster Video Switcher
  • Mic Audio Router
  • Data Base access and elaboration
@Sky Italia

@Sky Italia

alarm-monitoring-overview@Sky Italia
Transmission Chain Quality Admin & Monitoring:

    • – Cross Browser & Cross Platform Web Site Admin Tool interface
    • – SSL strong encryption support
  • – Web App with VPN on PC, Tablet & Smart Phones

the monitoring chain starts from internal Webtech database, re-elaborated and managed by a PC Server Administrator Application, this Admin Tool configures the chain following DB settings, collects and filters instrumental data and generates web based report pages.

The System:

  • SDI, ASI, RF
  • Encoders, Decoders
  • MTM, RTM
  • Multi Viewers
  • Data Base access and elaboration
@Global Production

@Global Production

OB6@Global Production

OBVan 6 HD: 30 CAMERAS with Robit Tally and UMD System Controller:
…  “ Continua la costante e appassionata collaborazione tra Global e Robit, per aumentare e ottimizzare il software di gestione con i vari Brands per Matrici, Mixer e Multi Image, in modo da offrire ai clienti, sempre, la massima flessibilità e il pieno utilizzo di tutta la potenza e capacità del nuovo mezzo.” …

OB6 OB6-interior1 OB6-interior2 Esterna-6-Plan-EN



Robit has been a reliable Mediaset Group supplier for more than 10 years.

Under Monitor Displays, Tally System Controllers and Software, Video and Audio Changeover Systems are some of the products that Robit is supplying and designing for Mediaset Group

YesTv Israel

YesTv Israel

Robit Trap Master is monitoring, logging and managing the complete state of the alarms on multi viewers and routers @ YesTv Israel;

The Administrator is able to manage and take charge of alarms and diagnostics generated, according within pre-set parameters and system configuration, generating alarm only when an exception is noted.

Trap Master offered the ability to quickly identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect critical processes of TV business.

Through a centralized view of the infrastructure monitoring, with an overview of the status of all the PIPs, the user is knowing in real time the health of the organization of the whole network.


Ducati Racing

Ducati Racing


  •  MotoGP
  •  SBK

Campionato Mondiale MotoGP 2007S2007

Ducati Corse ringrazia Robit SAS per l’importante contributo tecnico fornito per l’ottenimento dei risultati del 2007

Ducati Corse thanks Robit SAS for the important technical contribution to the achievement of the results of 2007


Rai TV

Rai TV

@Rai TG2
TG2 Newsroom:

  • HView SX Pro Multiviewer from Harris Broadcast
  • Utah Router HD 256×256
  • Robit UMD and Tally Control sw

The first RAI news with only digital technology to all its activities, keeping up with international standards.

Also the first Rai generalist News to broadcast in HD.