32 In Out Relays Interface

32 In Out Relays Interface

8Rx4 is a modular relays interface; convert ‘open-collector’ or ‘close-to-ground’ outputs to ‘clean contact’ outputs (with ‘normally open’ and ‘normally-closed’ contacts) for a galvanic isolation between zones.

From 1 up to 4 modules of 8 inputs in Rack 1U as followings:

  • redundancy PSU 230Vac, switch-able on operation (N.02 PSU 230VAC-5VDC 15÷18VA)
  • N.2 PSU status leds
  • N.8 ‘close-to-ground’ inputs on DB9 female
  • N.8 NO and NC ‘clean contacts’ 2A-30VDC on DB25 male
  • N.8 output status leds
  • temperature range 0°÷40°C

Available configurations:

  1. 8IN-8R 8close to ground inputs, 8 relays NO,NC
  2. 16IN-16R 16 close to ground inputs, 16 relays NO,NC
  3. 24IN-24R 24 close to ground inputs, 24 relays NO,NC
  4. 32IN-32R 32 close to ground inputs, 32 relays NO,NC